The Truthful Reality of Gun Control

Hello Truthful Realists,


So anyone who has lived in the United States in, let’s say, forever, will be well aware of this topic.  This topic is what gets every “liberal” on the West and East coasts shaking in their skinny jeans and every “conservative” in the South and Midwest (Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as the “North” anything in this day and age) rushing to march, guns in hands, down the middle of the busiest street.   Whether they are used for sport, self-defense, crime or protection of others, guns have been a hot topic.  You’d think a few pieces of metal with some powders would be something straightforward across the board but apparently it is a lot bigger to everyone.  Controlling them has been even bigger.  Let’s get into why.


Guns aren’t new anymore.  They have been here since 13th Century AD, in various shapes, forms and sizes.  Almost every movie you see has them these days.  Same goes with TV shows, commercials, most music videos and sure as heck the video games.  There are some places in the United States where you can actually buy your gun and ammo at the same place you get your Jack and Coke.  It’s always been a thought that kids in the Midwest and South were brought up shooting, whether it be for hunting or for sport.  Even if they aren’t real guns, you can still find toy guns in your local Walmart and Toys R Us.  So why it is that now the concern for controlling guns is all the rage?  I will try to fill you in (While trying to control my urge to scream out government conspiracy theories).


Guns were meant as weapons for war.  The problem with anything made for war is that when the public gets their hands on it, it takes on a completely different meaning.  Now it is a tool.  A tool to rob a store with.  A tool to protect that same store with.  A tool to compete with.  Now that’s all fine and dandy (Well, not the robbing a store part anyway), but when that tool makes doing a job more efficient, it creates issues.  A gun technically does the same thing anything else in this world can do.  A rock, for example, can be used to protect yourself, hammer a nail, or hurt someone.  The problem is that it is crappy at doing all of those things.  A gun is efficient though and, as such, it creates the problem of how can you stop it?  The government has basically said that guns are bad and throws enough media at you to make you want to scream and cry.  That would work if it wasn’t for the fact that if you had a violent intruder break in right now that you would want one of those bad guns.


This is where gun control fails.  Guns aren’t bad.  The people that use them for bad are bad.  Sure, a gun isn’t something that the user has complete control over.  Bullets fly through stuff and some people can’t aim to save their life.  That causes accidents.  The ultimate problem is not most people who use guns properly, responsibly and.  The people that get a gun with the intention of doing bad are the problem.  I will not say that getting them illegally is the complete problem because even a former criminal, a habitual drunkard/drug user, someone who previously attempted suicide and someone who has been arrested for stalking wants to protect themselves, even if the law says they can’t do it by that means anymore.  It’s the bad people.  Now this is where all the debates and false solutions get stuck at.  How do you know what someone has in their minds?  How can you stop a threat you can’t don’t see.  To quote our former Secretary of Defense, in all of his idiocy at the time, “there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t know we don’t know” (Boondocks fans will know this).  What this means is that there will never be a way of truly knowing who is just protecting their selves or their families and who is going to flip and shoot up a hospital.


Now that I have said that, do you really think that there is a way to truly control guns?  Do you think that there is a person that would be capable of determining who is bad and who is good? (No, Santa does not count)  I will slip back a bit and remind you that guns are just a tool.  September 11th, 2001 was carried out with a plane, which is a tool.  Planes can take you to Paris or bomb Pearl Harbor.  We don’t think about banning them.  Instead, we put regulations on them.  Regulations were in place when the World Trade Center went down.  Want to know why they didn’t work?  Because of “unknown unknowns” (Depending on whose story you believe anyway).  A logical person does not look at a car, a plane, a train or a boat and think of it as a weapon.  That same type of logical person won’t look at a gun that way either.  The world shouldn’t either.  We need to start looking into providing mental help to our nation instead of waiting until it is too late.


Now, this might go into a place where some might not want to go so I suggest you quit now if you can’t handle the reality of this but the gun problem in the United States is really a mental health problem.  Whenever you hear about these “Lone Wolf” attacks and “Crazed Gunman” attacks, they always end up around the same thing.  A person who was depressed, suicidal, going through a tough time or withdrew from society.  Yeah, every now and then we get the random “snapped” types but they aren’t as dangerous because they usually have a set target and don’t go indiscriminately (Sorry if this sounds insensitive but that’s my thought) shooting random people they’ve never met or have no association with, whether it be personally, through work, through family or through relationships.  The ones that do fire without care and try to make a body count have issues.  These issues cannot be detected by looking at someone.  They cannot be detected by a questionnaire.  They must be addressed by long, exhausting sit downs with a person that is usually done through some sort of therapy session.


As much as I hate to admit it, that is our answer.  We need to find a way to get people help before they think there is no help left.  Before I get a wave of comments (Seeing as how this site is fairly unknown, I’m thinking very highly of myself here), I do not mean that this needs to take place for gun owners only.  This needs to start happening PERIOD.  This needs to be common place with anyone.  The reason being that people who become intent on killing are not going to stop just because they can’t get a gun.  They will make bombs, get cars, get knives, hijack planes, derail trains, hack into major utilities, choke people, poison people, electrocute people, and drown people.  I mean the list is almost endless.  We can’t ban everything that can hurt anyone.  We can’t arrest people for crimes they haven’t committed.  We can try to help them before those thoughts even get into their heads though.  Doesn’t that sound like a better plan?  To help people and assist them in becoming “productive” members of society instead of trying to outcast them and put them behind bars?  Also sounds like a better alternative than putting everyone at a disadvantage just to fight an imaginary fight.


What I want all of you to know is that gun control is the equivalent to the war on drugs.  It is a big thing that has tons of money spent on it, tons of people talking about it, tons of people worried about it and tons of people dying for it without any real end.  We will never truly make guns safe.  We can’t make anything safe.  We’ve had food for as long as man lived on earth and still haven’t found a way to not die from it.  What makes you think guns have an easier solution than food?  While the end goal should always be to try to make everything as safe as it possibly can be, sometimes you have to worry about why it isn’t safe to begin with.  A quote from Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman can be the truest words ever spoken if a gun could talk about its relation to crime and violence.   El Chapo once said “No, that is false, because the day I don’t exist, it’s not going to decrease in any way at all” when asked if he was responsible for the drug addiction in the world, mainly because he was one of the primary suppliers.  The same stands true about the drugs and the war on them, but that deserves its own spotlight.  I’ll let you think about that on your own time.

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