The Truthful Reality of Rob Kardashian

Hello Truthful Realists,


Today, I come to you with some celeb reality.  For those of you who do not know, the Kardashians have a younger brother named Rob Kardashian.  The reason I say “for those of you who do not know” is because Rob is at the lower end of the Kardashian fame totem pole and tends to not be in the spotlight as much as the rest of his family (Even one of the most recent additions to the family, little North West, seems to garner more media attention these days).  Well, today I will give my insight on why that is, and why I feel that he is actually the smartest out the bunch (Behind Kris because, let’s be honest, she managed to make every single one of her daughters famous).


So here we have Rob.  Rob is the youngest of the actual Kardashian bunch, yet the oldest of the “Kardashian-Jenner” bunch.  You might have caught him on their many reality shows as the guy who just wanders around the kitchen while they have their numerous discussions about how everyone else is backstabbing or starting a new business.  During the Kim and Kris Humphries episodes, he played a bigger role while hanging out with Kris but when he left the picture, it felt like Robert did as well.  Other than a few stints on Dancing with the Stars, The Choice and a few other business ventures, he’s done a pretty good job of not plastering himself everywhere like everyone else in his family has a knack for.  I feel like there is a reason for this.  Let me explain why.


Due to Rob being the only male in a house dominated by women, he had less of a chance to shine (The only other male in the family proved that he was just a female in disguise down the line).  Maybe at one point, during his actual father’s presence in the house there may have been hope but I’m sure that once he passed that hope left.  Now, if you are named Kardashian and don’t have a huge butt and a fashion line, you are pretty much dead in the water.  That left poor Rob out in the shadows.  At one point he tried to follow in his actual father’s footsteps and join the law profession, but that proved to be a short lived dream.  One can only assume that the shot at Law was a shot at gaining more respect and admiration by the matriarch of the family.  I’m sure that once he realized that the only person who would have been truly proud and supportive of those dreams would be his actual father, that dream faded quite quickly.


Now what is young Rob to do?  His law career chances came and went.  He can’t really compete with family members who are modeling superstars, fashion designers, game creators (In a sense) and TV personalities.  Let’s be one hunned here as well.  There is no role for a young male to top the popularity charts of his family who have the correct “ass….ets” to have the media come running.  Now he just has to play background roles.  Sure, he can go back to school, but who wants live a life that normal now?  You’ve become accustomed to fancy cars, huge houses and people who are all over you (Granted, I’m sure it’s just to get to those higher up the totem pole).  Well, that is where businesses have come in.


The thing that makes me think that Rob is on an upswing is that he still has the mind of a genius lawyer in him.  I’m sure he’s had to have listened to some of the stuff his senior has enlightened him with.  He has started playing background roles in businesses.  It may not be top notch stuff yet, but the fact that he has taken this route leads me to believe that he is the smarter of the bunch.  Making moves to get into things early is a perfect way to secure a future for yourself.  The thing a lot of people seem to miss is that the Kardashians are body famous.  I will not say that they don’t have brains behind them because running nationwide and international companies is not for the weak-minded but they are in simple things that are based off of their beauties and booties.


What makes me take him even more seriously is his lack of need to be in the spotlight.  This is something that I feel is a great trait in the celebrity world.  So many people want to be where the cameras are and don’t realize that doing so puts you in a position where as soon as you screw up, the cameras are still there!  Staying out of the spotlight is what big businesses want from a bright mind.  If you are promoting stuff for a company then they want you there but if it’s not for that case, then they want you locked away and staying out of trouble, which for the most part, Rob has been doing.  He may partake in the occasional social media trolling session but that is to be expected to keep a bit of sanity.


The one thing that I hope is that Rob creates a change in his Brady-Bunch.  The Kardashian shows are entertaining when you are bored and make for great time killers to hear about on TMZ on a slow work day but the reality of the situation is that it is a fading trend.  I feel like a bit of the degradation of the United States today is being caused by people seeing their “reality” and taking is as the real deal.  Young girls thinking that it is okay to use their bodies instead of their minds to become successful.  Young people thinking that it is okay to make YouTube videos instead of trying to broaden their horizons because of the hope that those videos will be turned into a reality show.    Rob is the hope here.  He is not one to fall in line for what the family thinks is okay.   He is trying to create his own way, a smarter way of becoming successful.


Don’t get me wrong here; I do see that he has signs of relapsing into the Kardashian way.  His recent battle with the family over his new love interest (Blac Chyna, the baby-mama of his half-sisters new boyfriend) seems to be garnering all the attention a famous person could want but I still feel like this is a smart move.  See, this step also shows how his moral system is set up.  His family in up in arms about him dating someone because the person he is dating has a kid with his sister’s boyfriend.  I feel like the bigger problem should be in this scenario is that his sister stole someone’s boyfriend while they were still together.  How is Rob, who is simply dating a single woman a problem?  Is it because his girlfriend harassed his sister?  Well, I’d entirely expect someone to harass another woman who broke up their relationship.  Rob, on the other hand, is just playing the field the proper way.  I can see it causing a big riff in the future but to be honest, maybe that is what he needs.  Being the only morally upstanding, well-intentioned and non-attention seeking one out of a group is not a favorable place to be.  Maybe a split into his own life would suit him better down the road so that he came pursue his own dreams and not the “Family” dreams.


Now, let’s be completely honest people.  Who would rather see positive images being displayed for the new generation?  I, for one, think that Kendall is taking some good steps in the right direction here as well, so let’s just say that the majority of this is excluding her.  The truth of it all is that I just feel like Rob is what that family needs to emulate more.  Yes, it might not make for a good TV show in today’s world but it will make for a better future of viewing.  It will make for more positivity.  He is the real one of the bunch.  He is the standard of what today really is.  Once we hit the 10 and 20 year mark of watching these shows and realize that it is the same thing over and over again and that none of it is truly bettering the population but, instead, dumbing us down, materializing us and sexualizing us for the sake of ratings, we will finally get the point.  That is an article for later on though.  I’ll let you think about that on your own time.

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