The Truthful Reality of U.S. Shootings

Hello, Truthful Realists!



As I watch the news and see the things that are happening in the United States I begin to wonder what the real problems are.  The most shocking thing to me today is the fact that at this most recent Florida school shooting there was a police officer that was in uniform and with a gun who stood outside during the entire duration of the shooting.  This puzzles me because there always seems to be a story in the news of unarmed people (mainly of color) that are getting shot at and often killed by police who claimed that they were armed and threats to the community.  The guy who was shot in his car with his girlfriend and child also in the car is a prime example.  Someone who did nothing wrong.  He is now dead.  Meanwhile, a 19 year old can come to school with an AR-15 and murder 17 people.  That person is alive and was able to run out of the school, blend in with others and leave the scene of the crime.  No cop shot at him, fought him or did anything for that matter.


Why is it that an armed, non-black male, shooter who has actively murdered several people can casually stroll away from a crime scene but a black man just trying to alert cops to the fact that he is a concealed carry permit holder that is armed, as allowed by the law, can be shot in front of his family?  This is the type of stuff that scares me on a day to day basis.  After driving for a while with this on my mind I realized that this is not the first time either.  The guy who shot up the Colorado theater?  Alive!  The guy who shot up the press event in Arizona?  Alive!  The guy who shot up the black church in North Carolina?  Alive!  The guy who tried to alert cops to his legal carrying of a firearm (FOR THEIR SAFETY!!!)?  Dead!  It’s not even really a black and white thing.  The man on the floor in the hotel room trying to pull up his pants?  Dead!  This is a great injustice.


The problem with this great injustice is that it fails to be recognized and linked together.  It is the American way of thinking.  The same thought process led me to question how this got instilled and I think that it is all part of the agenda of the United States.  Maybe not the whole country in its entirety but quite a few people are counting on this to continue.  This country was not designed for people of color.  That was proven at the very beginning when they felt it would be easier to slaughter an entire group of people rather than share this land.  It was easier for the early terrorizers of this world to just simply kill what they do not know or understand rather than try to learn it and exist with it.


Think about this for a second.  What is an extremely horrible crime that deserves the ultimate punishment in the United States?  Death.  That is something that has filled the prison system for years.  It is equally agreed upon that someone willing to kill another person without just cause is a horrible human being that does not deserve to live in our society.  I agree with that notion.  It is the agreed upon idea that has lasted throughout most of life.  That would be fine and dandy if it weren’t for the fact that the United States is responsible for more death than almost any other nation still in existence.  Sure, there were mass murders, genocides and just overall mass atrocities committed by tons of different people ever since man start recording events.  The problem with that?  The United States kills many of people and is able to write it off as part of war.


War is like a Nickelodeon Shopping Spree.  It basically enables this country to do as much as they want as long as they can make sense of it all at the end.  There have been plenty of failures that it has had to take in stride but the major atrocities have been explained away.  Hiroshima?  Nagasaki?  The mass murder of the Native people of the Americas?  The war on drugs?  Drone strikes?  Remember those things?  Those are called murders.  Now correct me if I am wrong, but in order for someone to be guilty of something they have to be caught, arrested, charged, have a trial, state the cases, have their case proven wrong, convicted, sentenced and have the sentence carried out.  Some of those steps can be skipped depending on the situation but that is the overall process.  Do you remember that process happening in these cases?


Now if UCLA is correct, the death toll combined of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were anywhere from 150,000 people to 200,000 people.  Considering the combined population at the time in both cities was around 580,000 people it is safe to say that one third of the population was wiped out.  An astonishing fact I learned was that 90 percent of the hospital staff in Hiroshima were killed in the bombing.  Now, for comparison, only 2403 people died in Pearl Harbor, according to  Now I am not great at math, which is why I had to pull up my handy calculator to get the figure that for every person that died in Pearl Harbor, 83 were killed in the retaliation bombings.


Let me ask you a simple question.  Do these numbers make sense to you?  The only times I can remember seeing retaliation this bad, aside from the United States government, is in the Liam Neeson “Taken” series and when humans kill sharks after someone is attacked.  I think Liam Neeson is somewhere around 90 bodies on his count and sharks get killed at about 2 million per shark attack.  Now the part I want you to really understand about these numbers were that these were not just soldiers who were killed in the line of duty in Japan.  These were families.  These were school kids.  These were grandparents.  Yes, some were soldiers, but even according to the numbers only around 60,000 were actually soldiers.


I know some will say “Oh, but they attacked us first!”.  I understand that.  I agree with that.  The problem is that they attacked under 3,000.  The United States attacked under 300,000.  This is the American way of dealing with conflict.  These numbers are still around the same today for current wars.  The problem with it?  The main people suffering from these wars are innocent people who just want to live their life.  Why should someone in Iraq be sad that 17 people were murdered in Florida by a deranged former student when 17 of their family members and neighbors are killed every day?  Every week?  Every month?  The sad part is the people in Iraq are not being killed by deranged former neighbors.  They are being killed by paid, highly trained, armed to the teeth military soldiers who were sent there with the sole purpose of “Defending” their country against people too poor to even own a computer to find out why this is happening.


Now I want you to take about 5 minutes out of your privileged day today to do a little exercise.  It is sort of a meditation really.  I want you to find a nice calm spot of wherever you are and follow these directions after you are done reading this rant.  Sit down, get relaxed, let that gas you were holding in out and find your inner peace.  If you have children or know any, think of them at school.  Close your eyes and imagine them playing with their best friend.  Talking to their teacher.  Waiting for their parents to pick them up.  Got that image in your head?  Simple enough right.  Now imagine someone coming into that school and shooting at random at all of them.  Your child is hit.  They don’t know why, who or what.  They just know that they are hit.  They cry out in pain as they see all of their friends running and take they their own last breath.  That is what Florida felt.  Now backtrack a little bit to before that gunmen entered.  Instead of the gunmen shooting the school, imagine a bomb hitting the school.  Your child’s legs are blown off and they don’t see their friends running to safety because their friends have been blown apart.  That is what Mosul, Iraq felt.  Now backtrack again to before the shooter or the airstrike hit.  Now imagine that your child never even knows what hits them because they are vaporized by the atomic bomb.  You don’t even get to rush to the school to try to find out if they are okay because you are dead too.  That is what Hiroshima felt.


The purpose of that was not to traumatize you or incite anger.  It is to put you in a more aware state.  Yes, we need to fight to get these guns out of our kid’s hands.  Yes, we need to do more to help those with mental issues.  Yes, we do need to have an honest-to-earth debate about guns and weapons in general, not only in our schools and but in our world.  The biggest thing we need to talking about right now is HATE.  That is what this whole story boils down to.  HATE is what the problem in this world is.  Our response to HATE does not need to be more HATE.


Think about it seriously.  Have you ever seen a school shooting happen and people just spread love after?  No.  It is hate again.  They hate the person that did it.  They hate the people that provided them with the weapon.  They hate the weapon maker.  They hate the parents.  They hate the senators.  They hate the school.  They hate the state.  They hate the country.  While taking all this time to place blame, maybe we need to share love.  Maybe some of the people committing these horrific acts just needed a bit more love from a bit more people so that they could love those people back.  Maybe police officers could learn to love the people the protect and start to treat them like people that are worthy of their love instead of their punishment.  Maybe people could learn to love the police for protecting them instead of treating them like they are there to harm them.  Maybe the government could learn to love the people of another country enough to not blow their citizens away to get to the “few bad apples”.


Believe me when I say I completely understand that love is not something that is easy to find or give but it doesn’t hurt me, take anything away from me or cause any harm to others to just ask for love to prevail.  Rodney King once asked if we could all get along.  Even if you don’t agree with the words of the person it is coming from, being an aware, mature and adult minded person will at least allow you to admit that it is not an unfair thing to ask for.  I’ll you think about that on your own time.

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