The Truthful Reality of Being Truthful

Hello Truthful Realists,


Today, I come with a bit of randomness.


  • If you were the first person on earth, what would make walk around, assuming that there are other people to look for?  Would you even assume there was anyone else?
  • Why does hate towards someone else bring two people who would normally hate each other to be friends while they hate that other person?
  • Why can’t people take the time to prove you are stupid before they start treating you like you are?
  • Why am I able to get a prescription for oxycodone but not for sour diesel?
  • Why did Double Dare come back on, just as I started being a responsible adult?  Don’t they know real people don’t just go to Florida without notice?
  • How many seasons of “White House Live” do I need to watch before Donald says his Catchphrase on air, to someone he is actually firing right then and there?
  • Can someone get put on blast for the MeToo movement with their own wife?
  • If they would have let Kim Jung-Un play more basketball as a child it probably would be a lot nicer in his dictatorship.
  • Donald Trump said he wanted Americans to respect him like Kim Jung-Un and nobody really cared…….
  • I still remember that time R-Kelly pissed on someone.  That’s nasty.
  • El Chapo was caught and right after that shit, Pfizer stepped in.  We don’t have a war against them though so I guess it’s all good?…..
  • I would think that people would understand by now that The Simpsons get things right because they’ve been around longer than their audience.
  • I think the next big rapper is going to be whoever is willing to tattoo a whole animal print on their entire body and face.
  • I treat the Walmart employees a lot nicer if I know the store sells guns.  Can’t take chances with that shit.
  • Most Influential Person of 2018?  Dennis Rodman.
  • The 99 cent store selling items over the price of 99 cents still upsets me to this day.


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