The Truthful Reality of Smart Thinking

Hello Truthful Realists,



Today, I come to you with a bit of knowledge based truth.  The reason I am presenting this today is that of the many numerous conversations I have been having lately about common sense.  It really seems like this is a rare quality to be had these days.  People eating tide pods, posting all of their information on the internet, and falling victim to a plethora of scams.  You’d think that it would be a thing of the past with all of the information available on to combat it but sadly it is not.   Let’s take a little ride, shall we?


Now when I say smart thinking, a lot of minds go to smart people making smart decisions.  While this is what I am aiming for, I want it to be known that the goal can be obtained by any individual who chooses to use it.  Sure, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Donald Trump are smart people (Say what you will, but you don’t end up in the White House without some know how).  The issue here is that people assume only those type of people (Usually rich people with big businesses under their belt) can think smart.  The world needs to know that every single person can make smarter decisions.  The hurdle to get over is making that hard decision even if it hurts you.


Hear me out people.  I am not saying to cut your foot off to get a better seat on a plane.  Oh no.  There is a hurt we all are probably a lot more afraid of.  This hurt is called our happiness.  When you learn to let your happiness take a blow for the sake of your wellbeing, you gain a lot more than you lose.  A lot of decisions in your day to day life put you in an awkward position.  Do you do what will make you happy or do you do what will give you a benefit in the long-term?  The easier option is to pick the immediate reward because it gives us what we think we need so much in our day but the reality is that this is something we do far too often.  Even the reward is sometimes just a gift-wrapped punishment.


Here’s an example.  You wake up and you really just don’t feel like going in to work today.  It’s Thursday and you’ve already finished the reports for Friday.  You really wouldn’t even be doing much at work anyway.  Bonus?  The room is the perfect amount of cold but your bed is the perfect amount of warm (The tricks the mind plays on us, right?).  You decide to give your boss a call and drum up whatever reason you know they like to hear and that’s that!  Time to crack out the junk food and relax, right?  Well.  Not quite.  This is where smart thinking should have kicked in.  Let’s figure out why.


So you want to call out, right?  Well, why?  I know this sounds dumb but it needs to be something that is asked frequently to yourself.  Not only for this scenario but for your life.  The reason I say this is because calling out might seem like an easy and trivial thing to do but thinking into it further might help you save a job.  For instance.  Is this your first time calling out?  If you are lucky enough to say yes then sit on down but if you aren’t, how many times have you called out?  One?  Two?  Three times this year?  (This isn’t an interview so don’t use your interview number.  Use the real deal number)  Beleive it or not, there is probably someone keeping up with those numbers.  Whether it be your bosses or your haters.  Maybe it is your first time ever calling out.  You deserve it right?  Well, now here’s where we have to think again.


What do you feel that it is that you are getting that is so justly deserved?  A day off?  To do what?  Let’s be honest here people.  Most of the U.S. isn’t taking days off from work to do productive things.  They are taking days off to party, recover from partying or, the default, lounge around the house and have a lazy day.  The truth here is that the day will probably be spent sitting at home, doing nothing and trying not to get spotted doing stuff on social media or out in public by co-workers.  What did you lose though?  A days pay?  Well, what does that translate into your daily life?  A late bill?  No hobby purchases?  No night on the town?  Maybe a lost day trying to gain back the pay?


Now you can start to see how you really didn’t help yourself out.  Sure, you might have had a fun lazy day but now you are short money, look unreliable at work and cheated yourself out of something fun you could have done later with the money.  This scenario can be applied to almost any other part of your life.  Should you study or go play Fortnite?  Unless you have the fanbase and skills of Ninja, you probably aren’t helping yourself with a quick session.  Should you drive to the park or the beach?  Which is closer, cheaper, safer, and has more activities for you to do?  Not everything has a solid answer but that is the beauty of it.  Sometimes, you might end up with a situation where you win both ways.  The goal, though, is to pick the option that makes the most sense for your long-term well being.


By thinking smarter, you put yourself at a better chance of obtaining the goals you set for yourself (Unless your goals are to just do stupid stuff).  Thinking about where you are going, what you are doing, how it can affect you, how it can benefit you, who will be there, how it can affect or benefit them, why you are doing it and how long it will take you to do it will give you a better estimate on how to look at future decisions.  How useful would it be if when you arrived somewhere all of these questions were already answered?  Would you feel at an advantage over others?  How about if you knew them before you even left the house?  Well, having even some of this information gives you the upper hand.  Start using that hand to play with.  It will make you question whether that party is really worth it, or if your buddy really is good to drive.  Not only will it make you answer those questions but it will help you figure out your next action instead of having to figure it out when it is too late.


I am not going to guarantee that smarter thinking will improve your life.  I can’t.  Things are just different for different people and I can’t speak for everyone but if you try this and feel like it hasn’t worked at all for you then feel free to leave me a comment and we’ll hash it out.  Until then, though.  Give it a shot.  The only thing you have to lose is ignorance.


Experience: Several years of stupid behavior.

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