The Truthful Reality of Bad Policing

Hello Truthful Realists,

It is a wonderful Friday morning and as I open my news app to search for what the latest and greatest around our great country and this great earth are, I am stunned.  I see a post that hits me very close to home.  A father, sitting inside of his own house, shoots at the police after they enter his home executing a search warrant.  Hear me out first.  I’m not afraid of police executing search warrants.  I don’t commit crimes outside of petty traffic offenses.  I’m fairly square in my ways.   The problem with this story is that the police executed a search warrant based on very incorrect information that identified this man as the neighborhood dope dealer.  This mans door was broken open while he was asleep in the house where his daughter also lived.  He did not know that these were police officers and opened fire, shooting two of them before dropping to the floor as another officer opened fire.  Luckily this man and his daughter are safe and the police officers that were shot at are expected to survive without great injury (thankfully).  The bigger problem is that this is not an uncommon occurrence.   I’m going to take a minute to try to explain why I think that is, along with touching up on a few other law enforcement issues.  Start your coffee or throw the dinner in the oven, have a seat and take a ride with me.

Fellow realists, I’ve come to a conclusion.  Something is wrong with the current way that community policing is happening.  Now, I didn’t come to that conclusion on my own, just this very minute.  This is a conclusion I’ve reached years ago.  It’s a shame that my thoughts on this still have not wavered but it’s not without good reason.  You see, the media shows us a lot of bad cops.  TV shows, story coverage, movies, video games and so on, all show us this.  I try to not judge without getting more information but even in my own personal life, I’m still seeing things that just shouldn’t be able to fly in this line of work.  When things rub you the wrong way, it is in your best interest to speak up and have your feelings heard.  What better place than here right?

If you’ve been hiding from life then you might not be aware but there are a lot of police on trial right now.  Shooting unarmed people.  Drug dealing.  Human trafficking.  Rape.  Child molestation.  Hate crimes.  The list goes on.  Corruption is so deep in some departments that they’ve been forced to hand over their duties to the sheriffs of their counties.  This is bad.  I don’t know any clearer way to state this.  THIS.  IS.  BAD.   I know that the numbers of non-cop citizens being arrested for these same charges are a lot higher than those that are cops but that is not my gripe.  You have to pick the battles you actually have a chance at first.  I am going to let you in on what I consider to be the root of this problem.  Ready for it?  It’s the POLICE!

Before you ask how police are the biggest problem to police, I urge you to think about this logically first.  What is the primary objective of the police?  Protect and Serve, correct?  Well, that is fine and dandy.  Where the shit hits the fan is that there is not a big enough agency to enforce the laws on those sworn to enforce the laws.  Sure, we have the DOJ, we have FBI, we have IAB and things of that nature.  My question is do you think those agencies have the numbers available to investigate all of those who are investigating others.  Listen to a police chief complain about the issues their department faces and the main winners are budgets, hiring, and retention.  Now, if a police department itself doesn’t even have enough people and money to police a community effectively then reason would tell you that the next group up the food chain is probably suffering from the same or worse issues.

Now, with a lack of money, a lack of officers, being outnumbered by citizens, being restrained by red tape and having the constant fear of civil (or possibly even criminal) charges looming, why would anyone want to be a police officer?  You have your “I want to make the community better” types.  I like these types.  You have your “It’s a job” types.  These types are hit and miss.  Then you have your “This badge gives me power” types.  These types scare me.  One thing that all of these types have in common is that they tend to protect each other blindly.  The communities they police do the same thing though, so it’s not out of the ordinary.  It’s what is taught when you join a group.  Have the back of other members.  This doesn’t belong in this field though and I’ll tell you why.

This type of thought is called Mob Mentality.  This means that your group is your mob.  You do what your mob does.  The reason this has no place in this line of work is that not everyone is the same, even if they are in the same mob.  Members who do actually want to do better and enforce the laws are brought down because they are associated with these types and most likely will fall into the mob mentality that these types give off.  When you have a group of people, who will follow their mob, and they have the power to do as they please (within reason), you open the door to a whole fire storm of wrong.

I will say this as loud as I can.  COPS SHOULD NOT PROTECT BAD COPS!  Hopefully those caps made the impact I intended them to have.  Seriously though, this is real.  Cops should not protect other bad cops.  If your job is to arrest criminals and the person you are riding in a car with is a criminal, then why are you even patrolling the streets?  Why are you not turning this person in to make sure they do not cause harm to anyone else or even your own organization?  Why give this person the chance to become worse then those you despise for doing the same things?  Once these answers can be figured out, then the real justice can start.

I am not saying police shouldn’t be looking for real criminals.  I am saying that the job should start in-house before you start knocking on other peoples doors.  You can’t expect the community to respect you if you are arresting their family for the same things you won’t arrest your “family” for.  This is called nepotism and bias.  If you won’t arrest your own child for using drugs in your house then you are going to have a tough time getting a parent to give up their own child who is using drugs in theirs.

If you take away anything from this article it should be that the police aren’t bad people but bad police officers are bad people.  I feel that it should be very hard for any police officer in the world to disagree that bad cops should be treated like bad people.  Just like a bad family member, police must learn to cut off the cancer.  Your brother is not your brother if he harms you and your family.  Your sister is not your sister if she harms you and your family.  You both may have had the same job, worked the same streets and dealt with the same blows but if one of you change for the worst, the other should come for you without delay.  That is the reason why gangs still thrive today.  Police are not actually the mob.  They are not actually gangs.  They shouldn’t have a mindset of being one either.  I’ll let you think about that on your own time though.

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