The Truthful Reality of Fear of Success

The Truthful Reality of: Fear of Success

Hello, Truthful Realists.

Today, I have some of a topic I want to discuss with you.  It is about a fear of success.  Now, I know what a lot of you may already think when you hear that phrase.  Someone who is afraid to succeed in life.  Well, I feel that is wrong.  I know some of you may be saying that years upon years of literature has already debunked my theory right now, but give me a minute to try to change your mind.  Might want to grab your favorite strain and try to get where I am right now before hunkering down for this one, if you want it to make sense.

Now, when people say they have a fear of success, I know that they usually mean the term that is found on almost any study related to the topic. I understand this is the accepted norm of the use. We are so afraid to try something because we are afraid of what success will bring to us. Fame and fortune brings out the worst in some people and those around them. Family and friends can switch up on that ass real quick. Old habits can become new addictions. Who knows who will pop up to let the public know what you did in the past that you aren’t quite proud of? I understand. Shit is real out here in these streets. Even people small amounts of success can create drama in some ways.

The thing I take offense with when people use this term is that people aren’t scared of success itself. They are usually scared of what success can bring. That is my issue right there. The success part has absolutely nothing to do with what comes with it part. It is because of this though, that one of the greatest words in any language (SUCCESS!) is being slandered and dragged across the mud as if it brought the plague along with it. Imagine if we adopted the phrase “Fear of MLK”. What do you imagine that meaning? Sure, if you’re aren’t particularly fond of African Americans because of……., then you can find a few things that would make the phrase make sense. My point is that, if that were to actually become a used phrase, it would imply that people are scared of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Civil Rights Leader, Activist, Hero and the reason you get that day off of work if you live in and/or work at certain places.

Now what if this phrase actually meant, afraid of having the feds after you, having the government spying on you, having racists trying to kill you and eventually being shot, leaving your kids to be orphaned? Technically, it makes sense. The reality is that it wouldn’t make any sense and would probably get me shunned if I started to use it out in public and make it catch on. That is my point, right there! We adopted this phrase, use it on a regular basis, have people with PhD’s out there telling people this is legitimate and yet there is no reason behind it. Sure, it’s easy to go along with. Sure, it rolls off easier than saying “Fear of all the shit that comes with being rich, famous and liked”. Just because something is easier, doesn’t mean it should be the only way. You wouldn’t want the person making your cars to take the easy route instead of the way the company specified, would you? Didn’t think so.

To drive the point home a little further, let me give you an example. Let’s picture fear as a person. Anytime I try to picture a physical being that is supposed to represent something bad, I always tend to picture Debo from Friday’s head attached to The Rocks body, Shaqs height and Damon on Friday After Next’s sexual tendencies, but with a KKK outfit on and a southern voice, so I’ll use that in my imagination. You can pick what you want. So here is fear. The scariest MOFO you’ve seen in a while. You ready to go fight his ass so you can become a success? No? Okay. I understand. No fancy house in “insert your dream location here”, no fancy “insert dream car here” to drive around in, no designer “blank” to rock at parties, no sexy “insert sexy person preference here” to “insert thing you’d like to do with sexy person here”. You get my drift right? You don’t get anything. You lose. You fail. Game over bro. Why? It is because you fear success, right? Success is a scary person, that you don’t want to mess with.

That is wrong. That is SOOOOO FUCKING WRONG. I’ll elaborate now. You see, success wasn’t in this fight. Success was at home chilling. Success was getting it’s life. You’re fighting with FEAR. Remember that person you dreamed up in the last paragraph? Well FEAR is not that one. FEAR is Success’s bodyguard. FEAR is a lot bigger than Success and knows those deep down secrets that would make you cry, and is not shy on using them. FEAR will have you kicking it with FAILURE all day because FEAR knows FAILURE is it’s bitch so it will keep you in check all day until FEAR can make some room for you on it’s busy schedule.

Now let’s go back to Success. You saw Success earlier and thought that it was scary right? Well, just like in my imagination, I end up back at thinking of success as Debo’s (Tiny Lester) head, on The Rock’s (Dwayne Johnson) body, with Shaq’s (Shaquille O’Neal) height and the sexual tendencies of Damon (Terry Crews) from Friday After Next. Still a very scary looking picture, even as I picture it now. The real real behind it is though that you should imagine Success as the actual actors playing those roles. Look at the real life people. Debo? Very nice person. The Rock? Do I even have to explain? Shaq? A pillar in several communities for his good deeds. Terry Crews? How many dudes you know put themselves out there into the Me Too movement to stand up with those in need of help? Yeah, not many. As far as the KKK part, well, let’s just say that was a mirage or something.

The moral of the story here is that everyone wants success in their life. To be honest, success is great to have in your life, and to be even more honest, it is everywhere in your life. Think about it. Finishing this article counts as a success. Paying your phone or internet bill to be able to read this article is a success. Going to work to earn the money to be able to pay those bills so that you can read this article is a success. Even if you are so set on being in “Fear” of “Success”, if you still want to believe that way of thinking towards the phrase going forward, by actively avoiding success, you are actively being successful at avoiding it, therefore you are already failing at being fearful of success.

I’ll leave on a personal note, that I hope resonates with you all. I fear killer whales. Ever since I saw the movie Orca, I feared killer whales. Orca’s are a huge lie. That fake ass eye-shaped spot that I thought was their eye. That fake cudliness that actually kills sharks and other whales. The false sense of security that they gave me at Sea World. All of those things led to me having a “Fear of Orca”. Over 20 damn years of this fear. Now, granted, I’m coming to terms with the fact that I may have judged them unfairly over my fear of deep waters, but we’ll ignore that right now for the point of making a point. I FEAR THOSE THINGS! Now, if I really hated them so much, would you see me lurking around the tank at Sea World or diving into the ocean in Puget Sound, Washington? Would I look up how to be like them? Would I spend my time making successes over and over throughout my life if I feared it? No.

Success has been there for you since day one. It fucks with you very heavily on a daily basis whether you choose to or not. Success even fucks with people in comas each time they take another breath. Everything you do, that is done right, is a success. Even TRYING to be a success can be a success just because your only qualification was to TRY. So why not keep trying. Don’t cop out with the “Fear of Success” thing. Call it what it is. “Fear of all the other bullshit that can success CAN bring but doesn’t always, which means it shouldn’t even be included in this”. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same, but at least now you can trade an incorrect phobia for another, more well defined, phobia.

Thank you for reading. Hope to hear from you soon.

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