The Truthful Reality of The Border Situation in The United States.

Hello, Truthful Realists.

I am not one to really get into politics. I mean, I am, but I like to say that I am not, at least on a wide-scale level anyway. That being said, I’ve been fairly silent about the situation happening at the border. I know that even calling it a situation may be to lenient on my part, and for that I apologize. Actually, let’s try this again.

Hello, Truthful Realists.

How fucked up is this catastrophe at the border? Nailed it! Anyway, so I’ve been keeping pretty close tabs on what has been going on, the celebrities for and against it, the random interviews of people for and against it and all of the endless posts on social media about it as well. I have to say, I’m really shocked. Do what you want on this one. I’m going in.

So, first things first. All of this started back in the day when Mexico decided it wanted to try to stop an invasion from the North. You can take a hint at who. They tried to have people in place so they could block it but that shit didn’t work out at all and Texas was born. The United States then took over Texas. Shit kept popping off in Texas until a war broke out. We are all quite sure what happened afterwards but for those that were skipping or never attended history class in school, the United States won, The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed and Mexico lost almost a million square miles of land. So imagine your new neighbor coming in, taking all your shit, half your house and then saying “we cool?”. Not cool, right?

In 1891, the United States Immigration Act allowed the United States to build inspection stations in Mexico and Canada and also required people wanting to come to the United States to pass a test and pay a tax. About 30 years later, the United States started to build fences along the border to try to stop the immigration rates coming from Mexico. Canada didn’t really have any issues because they stole their land too so it was all good up there. For the most part, stuff calmed down as far as wars went against Mexico but the United States wasn’t trying to play games so they created a Border Patrol to watch its borders. While it was initially started in 1924, they still do the same shit they did back then. Keep Mexico from reclaiming its land.

Jump to current day. The United States is a force to be reckoned with. They have homies all over the world and homies right there in the states willing to die to protect its borders. People have pride in this country. They fly their flags, sing their songs, celebrate their holidays and try to purchase whats made in the United States. Red, White, and Blue. Those colors don’t run. If we are being real here, I wouldn’t even be shocked if the reason the bloods and the crips wear red and blue, respectively, is because of the United States somehow, but that’s something for another article.

Where we start entering murky water is when we look into how entrenched into protecting our borders United States citizens are. You see, its always been a bit of a shit-show when you see how the border policies are carried out. When you add in the fact that most people aren’t particularly worried about people coming into this country but rather the color and culutre of those trying to come into this country, you run into an issue.

When you see what’s happening on the news, it isn’t even about people being here. It’s about certain people being here. Brown People. People that don’t always speak the kings English (Blah!). People that do thing the way they do things, and not the way they are told to do things. That is what has people riled up right now. There is plenty of land for everyone to exist in the United States. That’s not an issue. The economy is pretty much shit anyway, so while it is an important issue, it is not a truly valid issue. I’m sure Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and BP are holding out on more taxes than “illegal immigrants”. The reality is that is is just the people.

You see, when people from Australia, New Zealand or Great Britain come to the United States, people hardly bat an eye. They speak somewhat the same language, they look close to what “Murica” looks like and they do things fairly similar to the way the United States does things. That’s why they didn’t end up on President Trumps “Shithole” list, even though some parts would probably be warranted. It is because of who they are. The complexions, the language, the laws. Almost identical in most aspects to what people picture to be “Americans”.

The problem with this way of thinking is that it ignores the obvious. The United States of America is a country of immigrants. No one, aside from people of Native American descent, are actually FROM here. There are people that go so far as to take pride in when their ancestors came here so that they can describe themselves as “Real Americans”, without focusing on the fact that you can’t break into a house, kill the residents, sign some papers and make it your own (Not in the modern day United States, anyway). This line if thinking ignores millions of people that don’t look a certain way. It ignores the millions upon millions of people who died to protect this country that don’t look a certain way. It ignores millions of people who put blood, sweat and tears into making this country the great place it is today that didn’t look that certain way.

The United States should not have a “certain way” of doing things when it comes to immigration. As long as you meet the criteria and put in the effort, you should be able to get here.

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