The Truthful Reality of Seeing Whats in Front of You

Hello Truthful Realists,

Today, I come with my opinion to share. You see, I have noticed something going on lately. There is this strange thing where people will see some shit directly in front of them and not notice it at all. I don’t mean distracted people not seeing whats going on around them (although that is a major issue that should be discussed). I don’t mean people just being down right ignorant to their surroundings. I mean the people witnessing crime, racism, police brutality, religious discrimination, gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and age discrimination, but do absolutely nothing about it to the point to where they won’t even acknowledge it’s existence. Imagine JFK when he said the mob didn’t exist. Something like that, except more modern and more outrageous. Let your fire stick go to screen saver, find that little thing you like to rest your feet on, and close the blinds a bit so you can sink in.

I will start this off by mentioning that I was not innocent in this phenomena. I would see things happening in the past and just let it roll. Some dudes harassing women at the mall? Yeah, not my problem. One of my friends say something racist about the person driving in front of them? I wasn’t joining in but I’d let out a nervous chuckle, so as not to seem square in the situation. The reason I mention this, is to point out that it affects us all. What it is that is affecting us though? Systematic Bullshit.

Allow me to explain. Our society has conditioned us now. I can only assume it has to do with the constant loop of information being fed to us to normalize otherwise irregular situations. Nevertheless, we are seeing people doing strange shit and have been conditioned to not see it as strange anymore. See a lady beating her boyfriend in public? Normal these days. See a dude at Starbucks with an AR-15 on his back? Normal these days. Magazines naming 13 year olds as part of their “Sexiest TV Stars” list? You guessed it. That shit happened. That’s only the shaved ice of the iceberg.

People are seeing others literally dying on the streets and walk past them, without even calling police. Kids are watching other kids OD and laughing. People are seeing domestic terrorist post entire manifestos before carrying out mass murders. It is getting to the point to where you almost think that TV prank shows are running the earth. Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked of John Quinones was waiting around the corner to question people.

So getting back to the point, why is this happening? What is it that could possibly be leading people to not report shit is raising obvious red flags? Well, like I said at the very start of this post, I can only offer my opinion. My opinion is that this is all being caused by the internet. I know what you might be thinking. THIS IS ON THE INTERNET. The internet isn’t a person, it is a network of interconnected devices that have users who contribute to it. Yeah, yeah, I know. Hear me out though.

You see, the Internet has caused a rare activity to arise that was not as readily available in the past. This activity is called Internet Justice. Internet Justice is great, in the sense that it helps out so many by helping solve both small and large problems. Husband possibly cheating? Have security footage of someone who hit your car? Someone harassing others based on their race? All things Internet Justice has helped with over the years. It has literally helped solve murder cases and help find solutions to cold cases. What could be wrong about this activity?

Their are always two sides to a coin. Internet Justice can also be used in a misconstrued manner. Think about it. Justice doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody, right? One person might suggest a fine where another would suggest the death penalty. That is what is happening here, as well. Internet Justice has provided a place where even those who do the right thing can be considered in the wrong. To be completely truthful, you can even be wrong for doing nothing at all in the internet age.

Take this, for example. A dad at a Target store was in a children’s section, taking pictures. A mom freaked out, reported the guy and posted him on the internet. It wasn’t until the guy saw himself online that he realized that he was being accused of trying to take pictures of the woman’s children. He, on the other hand, only went to take a picture of Dark Vader saying “May the 4th Be With You!”. He said his life was almost ruined from this incident. Some sites have posted a retraction but he said it’s only received 1/50th of the views that the initial story received.

Now this situation is a touchy one. On one hand, a man is standing near kids taking pictures. On the other hand, he is in the area taking a picture to send to his kids of something he thinks they will enjoy. Who’s in the wrong here? Who received actual Internet Justice? I think no one did. This whole situation is a prime example of how Internet Justice can be a plague on society when we allow those who do not know how to do it properly to be the ones in charge of dealing it out.

I don’t have the answer though. I wish I wasted this much of your time to show you the solution to the problem, but I didn’t. I just wasted it freely, the same way I wasted my own and you wasted yours. The truth is, I can’t stop this. You can’t stop this. We can only stop what WE see. We can stop OURSELVES from being contributors to this craze when it will affect it negatively. It is up to you to find out the truth before you declare your version true.

There is an age old adage that I am sure I’ve already said before in this very article. There are two sides to every story. Make sure you are at least attempting to find out both sides. The downside to this is that this is one of the cons to this practice. How much do you invest into a situation before you declare it to be what you think it is? How long of a investigation into you should someone give you? You starting to see where the line blurs? Would you want to be on TV as a creeper at the neighborhood grocery store because of a misunderstanding? Didn’t think so.

This brings me to my very point. Having to choose between doing what you think is the right thing or just ignoring the situation because it does not involve you, until it directly affects you.

There is a guy named Conner Climo. He recently was arrested for threatening to shoot up a synagogue and McDonald’s in Las Vegas, NV. To a lot of people who live outside of Las Vegas, he was fairly unknown until the event happened. After looking further into it though, I found that this guy had been on the news before. He was starting his own version of a neighborhood watch, in which he paraded up and down his suburban street with an AR-15, multiple magazines, a knife, body armor, and some other tactical accessories. He was not arrested for this, even though his neighbors felt he should have at least been taken to the station.

Fast forward to today, and here we are. This guy showed his ass and is now being found out for all of his racist and ignorant glory. The sad part is that a Las Vegas local wrote about this weirdo, proclaiming that his social media was full of hate speech and non-sense. He listed as much as he could about Conner and wanted him to be caught before he could do anything worse. Well, he wasn’t caught, planned to do something worse and almost got away with it if it wasn’t for him essentially snitching on himself.

This isn’t the only story that plays out like this either. Multiple mass shooters, attempted mass shooters, attempted bombers and whatever other forms of terrorists you want to think of have been reported to no avail. Street Terrorists, or Gang Members as they are more formally known, have also had people report them. In some of those cases, nothing has been done or even worse, the information of who informed to the police on these individuals have caused the reporting party to become a target.

With all of these repercussions that arise from trying to do the right thing, a lot of the population is left where we are now. Doing nothing. Walking past situations, ignoring people instead of reporting them, minding their own business in public and living their own life. There is no longer a real incentive to risk you life, livelihood, and families well being.

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